My Approach to User Centric Design.

Big Picture
I start by understanding β€œWhy we are doing what we are doing?”. Arrive at current state pain points and establish the vision for the future state and functional objectives. Usually this is a brainstorming session with decision makers followed by a gap analysis with business analysts.

I then go on to identify the users of the application and formulate the personas. Internal, external, business, end users etc. based on the data available on the users or by research.

Ideate & Iterate
After getting a sense of the users, I start the ideation process by looking at how to present the information they need, to complete the tasks they want to, in a manner that makes the most sense to them. This is achieved by understanding the user’s mental model and architecting the information and technology to mimic their thinking. I start with wireframes, mockups, and progress to prototypes based on the task flow and Information Architecture (IA) while keeping an eye on technical feasibility and brand identity.

I evaluate the progress at each stage gathering feedback from users via Usability Testing(UT) and incorporate it in the next iteration until the stakeholders are satisfied given the time, resource and expertise assigned to the digital transformation objectives.

UX Design Process Artifacts

Other Creative Works…


I enjoy the spontaneity of quick sketching. It helps me translate into art what I have in my thoughts.

When I get time, I enjoy creating detailed works. Color is something I explore regardless of the
art medium.


Photorealism and abstract modernism are my favourite styles.

I love to see a blank canvas turn into an expression that human senses can feel and appreciate.


I make an attempt to trigger thoughts in the viewer’s mind with my art works. These sculptures are no exception.



In this project I am experimenting with capturing the illusions I see embedded in nature.


A few samples of my print design projects.

Web Design and Development

I work closely with my clients to provide them with what they precisely need, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics to cater to their target audience.

3D Graphics

I focus most on my concept/theme. I have a keen interest in environment design/modeling. I really enjoy lighting and compositing. I look forward to mastering the art of animation.

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